Understanding How Healthcare IT Impacts Clinical Delivery


Healthcare applications support clinical care delivery by allowing the clinical team to do what they do best; provide exceptional care to diverse patient populations. A well configured system protects patient’s safety through patient data monitoring and real time system guidance integrated with the clinical team workflows. Well configured systems allow the clinical team to efficiently capture the comprehensive patient story within the electronic medical record with improved accuracy.

Healthcare IT systems also support strategic delivery monitoring and permit the collection of data for outcome trending and public health disease surveillance and reporting. When quality assurance is well planned and tested, advanced reporting supports stabilization after software implementations, so data captured meets the organization’s reporting needs.

How MedSys Plays a Role

The goal of clinical delivery in Healthcare IT is to measurably improve patient outcomes and generate increased efficiency and productivity. MedSys Group advisors bring the necessary knowledge and experience to design precision workflows supporting both clinical delivery and revenue cycle needs. MedSys Group is impacting the evolution of Healthcare IT with project management methodologies and a deep understanding of clinical delivery needs. We identify the details within the strategic plan to pinpoint objectives and goals to optimize clinical delivery processes.

MedSys Group has been in the Healthcare IT space for over 25 years and within that time we have built a solid understanding of the challenges that exist within the clinical delivery and revenue cycle environments. MedSys Group is dedicated to serving as the bridge between these two areas, supporting organizations to create a healthy, effective connection.

Phase One: Pre-Implementation 

Within the early planning phase, MedSys Group serves as your advocate, taking the time to understand what is most important for your organization. In the Pre-Implementation Phase, we will help you define and prioritize your strategic goals to navigate the planning phase more efficiently. As your advocate, we will outline the downstream dependencies of each decision you are making to ensure your best interest. 

Phase Two: Implementation 

Without trusted navigational expertise, the project costs, scope, and timeline can be measurably impacted. The MedSys Group Success Team will keep your objectives in front of the project team making sure your investment in the project is priority one. With 90 years of combined experience, MedSys Group professionals keep the project in control and moving forward to a successful finish.

Phase Three: Optimization

If your organization has reached the stage of realizing that changes are needed to improve your system and processes, consider this before investing in another change effort. It’s time to bring in a trusted advisor to help identify and prioritize a strategic optimization plan which aligns with your organization goals. MedSys Group supports clients across the nation with advanced performance planning for healthcare technology and clinical process changes to optimize and support your business. 

Phase Four: Stabilization

When a system conversion is complete, there remains a great deal of work to do to stabilize both clinical and business departments. Project resources have been reduced, but many stakeholders continue to need support.  MedSys Group teams work diligently with all leadership levels to determine where to focus attention based on overall assessments and industry standards. With years of experience in large hospital system conversions, MedSys Group knows how to help your organization become fully stabilized.



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