Executive Leadership

Luther Nussbaum serves at Chairman of the Audit and Compensation Committees. Nussbaum is active in operational improvement and developing the strategic road map for MedSys Group as a member of the Executive Committee. He previously served as Chairman of the Board from January 2013 until the close of 2014. Additionally, he serves as a mentor to the leadership team. With vast experience in healthcare, high tech and other industries, Nussbaum brings innovative ideas and the application of breakthrough solutions to MedSys Group’s vision.

Luther Nussbaum

Chairman of the board

Alan Kravitz, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, manages and oversees overall strategic leadership and operations, with emphasis on client relationships and sales initiatives, as well as executive participation in recruiting of the top talent in the industry. As the strategic leader for the organization, he is responsible for developing  initiatives for expansion. With over 25 years of healthcare information technology experience, his relationships and knowledge serve to establish MedSys Group as a leader in Healthcare IT Consulting.

Alan Kravitz

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Mark Embry, Co-founder and SVP of Client Development, aids in the development of strategies for expansion of MedSys Group through joint ventures and other cooperation with partner organizations. With over a decade of healthcare technology experience, he has forged strategic relationships with major healthcare IT vendors and partners across the EMR market. He has been instrumental in solidifying partnerships across the EMR market with companies such as Cerner Corporation, ACS Healthcare, Epic Systems Corporation, Siemens Healthcare, and DELL Healthcare.

mark Embry

SVP of Client Development, Co-Founder

Nancy Ellefson, Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of accounting, finance, human resources and information technology in addition to risk and cash management for the organization. She implements and maintains systems, policies, and procedures that provide the necessary support for internal operations. Nancy has over 30 years of experience being a CFO for multiple companies and served as a financial analyst for two major healthcare systems. She has a wealth of knowledge that contributes to the financial well being of the company through financial planning and analysis of results.

Nancy Ellefson

Chief Financial Officer

Grant Campfield, Chief Growth Officer, customizes solutions for clients while exposing capabilities as a company to the market. His experience in healthcare ranges from managing implementation teams within hospital and ambulatory settings to working with government PMO offices on strategy and approach. His background with IDN (Integrated Delivery Network) clients and the federal government has provided him with an extensive understanding of the contracting process through to post-live optimization efforts. 

Grant Campfield

Chief Growth Officer