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MedSys Group has been at the forefront of healthcare IT for nearly 30 years. Leveraging our extensive experience in supporting industry growth, healthcare practice consolidation, and consultation, we have successfully expanded into the dental sector. Our dental services encompass both government and commercial branches, with our team of industry advisors often working globally to meet client needs. Whether you require assistance in scaling a training team, outsourcing to a service-oriented project delivery team, identifying underdiagnosed clinical or revenue cycle challenges, or seek operational guidance, we offer tailored solutions and comprehensive support for DSOs and private practices of all sizes.

Vendor selection

At MedSys, we strive to identify the best, most suitable vendor for your organization. Our advisors will conduct a thorough analysis of your specific needs and evaluate them based on various factors such as software functionality, workflow efficiencies, vendor support model, interoperability, technology reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We work to support your organizations by ensuring that you can focus on delivering excellent patient care while confidently relying on the software’s performance.

Assessment and Planning

Our team begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your current state, including an analysis of clinical procedures, team communication, patient flow, facility layout, and financial performance. This is followed by gathering and interpreting the data to identify areas of improvement and potential growth. Following the assessment, a detailed strategic plan is developed, outlining actionable steps to enhance clinical efficiency, patient satisfaction, and profitability. We strive to empower practices to deliver superior patient outcomes with a sustainable business model. Our aim is also to ensure their long-term objectives for growth are attainable and supported by advanced technologies and optimized processes.

System Implementation and Integration

We begin by assessing the practice’s current systems and identifying gaps that new technologies or system integration can fill. We provide oversight during the installation and configuration of software, ensuring compatibility with existing hardware and processes. Continuous support and troubleshooting are provided to address any issues that arise, ensuring a smooth transition while minimizing downtime.

Comprehensive Practice Management

Our team provides a holistic approach to optimizing every facet of your business. We work closely with your team to streamline office workflows, enhance patient scheduling systems, assess team culture, improve patient experience, optimize insurance credentialing, and implement effective coding and billing processes.

Strategic Growth and Marketing Strategies

We develop tailored plans to help dental practices expand their patient acquisition reach, grow their incoming referral base and enhance their market presence. Following a comprehensive assessment of your present situation, we will create a strategic growth plan delineating distinct, attainable objectives along with the requisite actions to accomplish them.

Revenue Cycle

We optimize comprehensive treatment planning and charge capture workflows with attention to billing practice compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements. Our services encompass patient billing, clear and comprehensible statements, payment plans and patient financing options. By optimizing these processes, we aim to minimize claim errors, delays, and denials while maximizing reimbursements and overall financial performance.

Training and Content Development

By investing in continuous education and professional development, dental practices ensure their staff remains proficient, confident, and up to date with the latest industry standards and practices. We design and conduct comprehensive training programs tailored to the specific needs of your practice. Our trainer’s armor practice directors’ competency metrics to drive ongoing training efforts.

Advantage Dental

Read how MedSys Group assessed and advised on IT processes for Advantage Dental+ to improve their operations.

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Our industry experience includes expertise with all predominant Dental EHRs and a wide variety of Third-Party applications. Our advisors can guide you through vendor selection, contracting and interoperability efforts.

private Practice

Our clinical advisors bring professional experience from general and specialty practices, with clinical backgrounds as dentists, dental assistants, lab technicians and hygienists. Additionally, they possess extensive career experience in dental operations including office management, regional operations, and revenue cycle management.

Dental Service organizations

We leverage our expertise in current industry standards, advanced technology, and system interoperability to enhance strategic outcomes and support your vision for process improvements. Our advisors have conducted operational assessments for large DSOs to implement industry best practices and organizational standardization.


Our advisors have served as international trainers for the United States Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs agencies, and Indian Health Services. Our advisors were critical in content development and training strategies.

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"The MedSys team worked hand in hand with our staff to help us understand where we could improve our processes and better utilize the systems we had in place.Their dental and revenue cycle expertise provided actionable recommendations to better support our offices and patients with scheduling and treatment planning needs.They are a true partner to our team and remain committed to driving our organization and initiatives forward."
Dr. Ed Coryell
Vice President of Clinical Affairs, DentaQuest Care Group

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