MedSys Group Provides Legacy Support Services Bolstering Client Success


Implementing new technologies or applications can be more successful with a knowledgeable team supporting your legacy systems. 

What is Legacy Support Services?

Legacy Support Services is a service to maintain the existing technology or applications that are being replaced by a new and more efficient solution, such as an upgraded Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.  These legacy systems may still be in use and contain valuable data that needs to be accessed or migrated to the new EHR.  During the implementation process, healthcare organizations need to ensure that these legacy systems continue to function properly and support ongoing operations until they can be fully retired or replaced.

Implementing an EHR system in healthcare organizations can be time-consuming and challenging.  One of the reasons for this is the need to maintain and support legacy system applications during the transition period.

Maintaining and supporting legacy systems alongside the implementation of a new EHR can create additional complexity and demands on resources.  Healthcare organizations often must allocate time, personnel, and financial resources to keep the legacy systems operational, while simultaneously working on implementing the new EHR.  This can prolong the implementation timeline and require extra effort from the organization’s IT staff and other stakeholders involved in the project.

While the process of maintaining legacy systems during an EHR upgrade can be challenging, it is a crucial step to ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted healthcare services.  It requires careful planning, coordination, and resource management to minimize disruptions and maximize the benefits of the new EHR system.

The MedSys Group Approach

MedSys Group provides a systematic approach designed to provide dependable day-to-day support.  With the ability to flex staff to accommodate business objectives, MedSys Group is able to introduce efficiencies to improve service and lower costs. We leverage Service Management reporting to ensure we are meeting and exceeding your current service levels.

When you entrust MedSys Group with the operation of your legacy systems, your staff can fully dedicate their efforts to crucial tasks such as implementation, training, and the successful go-live of the new system.  This division of responsibilities ensures a smooth and uninterrupted transition, safeguarding the success of your technology investment.

MedSys Group consultants possess top-tier expertise and are extensively trained, holding relevant credentials which ensure their ability to contribute to your success.  With strategic, tactical, and operational experience, as well as program leadership and project management skills, our consultants seamlessly integrate with your existing team.  They take care of your current system, allowing you to focus on transitioning to your future state with confidence.


MedSys Group Legacy Support Services provide the following:

  • EHR and Ancillary Clinical Systems
  • Non-Clinical Applications
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Technical, Network and Telecom Solutions
  • BI/BO and Data Analytics
  • And more


The Benefits of MedSys Group Legacy Support Services Are:

  • Flexible Staffing Model
  • Introduce Efficiencies to Control or Lower Cost
  • Business Continuity
  • Trained and Credentialed Consultants
  • KPI Reporting


Partnering with MedSys Group for Legacy Support Services will give your organization the flexibility to move forward with innovations, compliance changes, critical system upgrades, and new technologies.

MedSys Group is a nationally recognized healthcare professional services firm dedicated to clinical and technical advisory consulting and software implementation. We know that healthcare technology is all about people, patients and quality of care and are committed to a level of service that satisfies all.  Contact Us for more information.


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