Legacy Support

By entrusting MedSys Group with the operations of your legacy systems, your staff can fully dedicate their efforts to crucial tasks such as implementation, training, and the successful go-live of the new system. This division of responsibilities ensures a smooth and uninterrupted transition, safeguarding the success of your technology investment.

Flexible Staffing Models

Developing a well-structured and flexible staffing model ensures organizations can effectively manage expenses and resource allocation associated with maintaining legacy systems. We work to create tailored solutions that combine stabilizing the legacy system and establishing efficiencies.

Controlled Cost

A controlled cost approach enables organizations to plan strategically and allocate budgets judiciously, creating a cost-effective and sustainable long-term legacy system maintenance framework. We adapt and modify a client’s service delivery model with legacy support to build efficiencies that pass the cost savings to the client.

Trained and Credentialed Consultants

We know the importance of fully supporting you while transitioning to a new EHR and maintaining the old one. We have trained consultants who are well-versed in best practices for legacy support. Their deep understanding of legacy technologies makes them instrumental in troubleshooting, providing efficient solutions, and offering strategic guidance to organizations relying on legacy systems.

Process Improvements

At MedSys Group, we understand that the success of healthcare IT does not solely depend on the technology itself but also on the effectiveness of the processes that underpin its use. Our approach to process improvements in legacy support is holistic, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing the performance of both legacy and new systems. Here’s how we achieve meaningful process improvements for our clients:

Workflow Optimization

We comprehensively assess existing workflows to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. By streamlining these processes, we enable your staff to focus on high-value activities, improving both productivity and job satisfaction.

Change management

Implementing new systems or upgrading existing ones can be disruptive. Our change management strategies are designed to minimize this disruption, ensuring a smoother transition by preparing your team for change, facilitating adaptation, and optimizing new workflows to fully leverage your updated IT environment’s capabilities.

best practices implementation

Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and expertise, we introduce best practices tailored to your organization’s specific needs. This includes standardizing procedures to improve consistency, reliability, and quality of care, all while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Technology integration

We ensure that new and legacy systems can communicate effectively, sharing data seamlessly and securely. This integration is crucial for maintaining a comprehensive view of patient care and operational metrics, thereby enhancing decision-making and patient outcomes.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Continuous monitoring of system performance and user feedback allows us to identify opportunities for further improvements. By analyzing data on system utilization, we can adjust resources, fine-tune processes, and implement upgrades that keep your IT infrastructure at peak performance.

Training and support

Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to use legacy and new systems efficiently is vital to our process improvement strategy. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure users are confident and competent, which is essential for maximizing the benefits of your IT investments.

KPI Reporting

Regularly reporting on KPIs provides a comprehensive overview of the legacy support ecosystem, enabling organizations to identify areas for improvement, allocate resources effectively, and ensure the continued optimal performance of their legacy systems. MedSys Group experts ensure we are tracking the progress.

We meet you where you are

MedSys Group supports multiple technical aspects of your healthcare IT systems and enhances the operational processes that drive their success. We aim to ensure that your technology investments deliver the maximum possible value, enabling you to provide your patients with the highest quality of care.

Academic medical center in Pennsylvania

Read how MedSys Group partnered with a multi-hospital health system to manage daily operations with legacy support for a multi-year healthcare IT system upgrade.

“Upon joining MedSys I quickly realized that I am working alongside the most elite professionals in the industry. The team swiftly came together on day one as a strong team to support our client with the highest level of service. MedSys has an outstanding talent pool and also a delightful family atmosphere. I feel valued and recognized for the work that I do every day. At MedSys you are supported by all areas of the organization to set you up for success.
Novella Rickets, Inpatient Manager
Large Hospital System in Texas

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