Training and Content Development

MedSys Group offers top-rated training and content development services to assist organizations with bringing their systems live and ensuring users are fully trained and supported throughout the project. With an abundance of resources ready to guide your staff through any transformation, our training and content development services are fully managed and designed to align with your needs.

End-user training

Throughout our years, we have certified over 150 Healthcare IT trainers who not only hold certifications in various areas but have exceptional classroom management skills. Our goal is to empower end-users to feel confident in leveraging the functionalities of a system in their daily life. From homegrown IT systems to full-suite platforms, our trainers have a wealth of experience in educating users.

Train the Trainer and Super User Training

In addition to training, it is our intention to give you the tools and knowledge to not only train your staff for upcoming implementations but also have a foundation in place for new-hire training. When it comes to training super-users, our approach allows you to create departmental SMEs that are vital during conversion.

Change Management and Communication

MedSys Group recognizes and understands the importance of creating a well-informed user population for significant IT endeavors. Users who understand the benefits to themselves and the patient population are more inclined to adopt the system more quickly than others. From creating change agent networks to user communications, we are equipped to provide your organization with an adoption strategy that’s more than just training.

content development

We understand moving to a new system can be challenging and take time to comprehend. Our team works diligently to create materials that meet the needs of all learners. From visual aids to interactive content, user guides, web-based training materials, and more, we ensure end-users feel confident and at ease going into going live.

“MedSys is a family-oriented company that provides its employees with significant opportunities for continued training and professional growth. They treat their consultants with the utmost respect and provide continuous support throughout projects. I would highly recommend working with MedSys Group.”
Yetunde Ogunyankin
EHR Project Manager

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