Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is the driving force behind the patient’s experience. At MedSys, we help organizations automate workflows in the front office, increase charge capture, lower our client’s A/R, decrease denials, follow up and more. We are a proven partner to our clients to guarantee the best results.

Resource Productivity and Management

Understanding where time is allocated is vital to revenue capture, controlling costs, and building efficiency. We identify and report on the best practices for your staff, workflows, and systems to ensure all processes are managed appropriately.

Full suite integrations

Many 3rd party integrations need to be managed and optimized within a hospital system. Our team of seasoned experts assess what you are using and how you are using it, identify the gaps, and then provide recommendations that will take your organization to the next level.

Current and Future State Assessments

With a focus on each department, we develop a thorough understanding of your current operations and create a customized plan for an optimal future state. Our collaborative approach aligns your team’s efforts, addressing key challenges such as communication risks, strategic planning for mergers, and resource allocation. Our experts ensure that every detail of the implementation plan is well-coordinated and executed precisely.

Benchmark Road-Mapping and KPI Reporting

Regular monitoring and reporting on items like clean claim rates, denials, charge capture, etc., can empower healthcare organizations to proactively address challenges, optimize processes, and enhance overall financial performance for their revenue cycle. Every hospital system is different, that is why we take the time to truly understand what your goals are and establish specific benchmarks that will keep you on track to meet those goals.

Revenue Cycle Action Committee

Getting the community within a hospital system can be a monumental task. For revenue cycle management to perform at its optimal level, it takes insights from each department involved. Our team of reliable and experienced experts infiltrate themselves with the leaders of each department and set up routine meetings to discuss strategies for improvements in your revenue cycle.

Vendor Selection

Within revenue cycle management (RCM), vendor selection is a pivotal decision that directly influences the financial health of healthcare organizations. Selecting the right vendor requires a meticulous evaluation process that considers many factors. With our deep understanding of all the revenue cycle systems and years of working with various vendors, we have the experience and expertise that will guide your organization toward the best decisions for your organization.

“MedSys is truly our partner in the revenue cycle space. They not only help us find solutions to our problems, but care about the success of our organization.”
VP of Revenue Integrity
Large Hospital System in New York

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