Federal services

MedSys Group has and will continue to play a key role in improving the quality and delivery of government healthcare services. With recent initiatives from the Federal Government, including substantial advancements to the Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs health systems, MedSys Group is well positioned and prepared to provide qualified individuals to support the changes. 

Veterans affairs

MedSys Group is dedicated to supporting the VA’s mission of providing high quality healthcare services to our nation’s veterans. We bring only top-tier individuals on board who not only provide support, but also facilitate the evolution of healthcare. MedSys Group ensures that all VA staff members, from frontline providers to administrative personnel, are proficient in performing their duties effectively and efficiently. MedSys Group consultants also provide ongoing training and support to ensure that staff members continue to use the EHRM system to optimum advantage, ensuring the system meets the evolving needs of the VA healthcare system

Department of Defense

DHMSM is a $4.3 billion DOD program, providing the modernization of Electronic Health Record (EHR) capabilities for the Department of Defense and interoperability with the VA. MedSys Group is passionate about recruiting a wide range of professionals from across the United States to train, certify, and support the comprehensive DHMSM project. By leveraging many years of experience, MedSys Group supports this project by ensuring the best possible care and outcomes are available for current and former military personnel.

“MedSys Group’s commitment to veterans is a central part of the company’s mission and values. We believe that by supporting veterans and their healthcare needs, we are also showing the appreciation, gratitude, and respect owed to all veterans who have served their country.”
Alan Kravitz
CEO, MedSys Group