We understand the importance of having the right person for the job. MedSys Group has been helping organizations meet their unique and ever-changing staffing needs for over 25 years. We are always recruiting and maintaining a large and growing database of potential  candidates. We provide high-quality employment solutions by matching employers with the finest job candidates to meet their specific needs

Immediate Availability

We ensure that qualified IT professionals are readily available when a healthcare organization requires services. This approach is particularly crucial in healthcare IT because of the critical nature of healthcare systems and data.


Healthcare IT client needs can fluctuate, whether due to project demands, system upgrades, or seasonal variations. We work with clients to scale the workforce up or down rapidly in response to these fluctuations. This ensures efficient resource allocation without the burden of maintaining a constant, fixed staff size.


With over 20 years in the healthcare IT space, we have worked with thousands of consultants worldwide. Our team’s network ensures that we remain well-connected with the industry’s top-tier consultants to make them readily available. This network guarantees consultants are chosen to meet client needs in a timely manner.

Cost Efficiency

Healthcare organizations can save costs related to salaries, benefits, training, and the general hiring process by avoiding the need for a permanent, full-time IT staff. We can bring in specialized IT consultants for specific projects or periods, optimizing budget allocation.

Specialized Skills

We have a network of consultants that allows healthcare organizations to access IT consultants with specialized skills and expertise tailored to their specific needs. This is especially valuable in healthcare IT, where systems are complex and highly sensitive.

Project - Based Support

Many healthcare IT projects, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementations, require intense IT support during the implementation phase. We can provide the necessary IT experts for the duration of the project and then scale down as needed once the project is completed.

Reduced Risk

Our experts can mitigate the risk of overstaffing or understaffing by aligning IT workforce precisely with client needs. This reduces the risk of financial inefficiencies and project delays.

"I love the consultants at MedSys Group. They bring such great experience and insight. We find a lot of value in them, and we try to make sure that we don't lose the impact of their good advice." 
Chief Information Officer
Hospital System

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