Preparing for RevElate: MedSys Group’s Proactive Approach to Enhancing Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management



Are you on the brink of transitioning to RevElate? Whether it’s about staying ahead of the technological curve or streamlining your revenue cycle management, the path to adopting new software is often as complex as it is critical. At MedSys Group, we are not just participants in this transformation; we are pioneers, leading the charge to ensure your journey to RevElate is as seamless as it is successful. 


The Right Partner for RevElate 

Choosing MedSys as your partner in this journey isn’t just a choice for today; it’s a choice for the future of your healthcare organization. As one of the few consulting firms actively implementing RevElate, we offer a unique blend of expertise and practical experience. We’re not just consultants; we’re collaborators, innovators, and, most importantly, facilitators of your success. 


Staffing: The Backbone of Implementation 


Identifying Potential Resources 

The initial step in any significant undertaking is assembling the right team. At MedSys, this isn’t just about finding people with the right skills; it’s about identifying those who bring synergy to your existing framework. We delve into the depth of the talent pool, bringing to the surface the individuals who will integrate with your operations and champion the RevElate implementation. 


Meeting Client Resource Bandwidth 

Your team’s bandwidth is a precious commodity. We engage in comprehensive discussions to gauge the number of people available, the depth of their expertise, and their ability to adapt to new technologies. This process ensures that the transition to RevElate amplifies your team’s productivity without overstretching their capabilities. 


Budgeting: Investing Wisely 

Implementing a new system is an investment in your future. We collaborate with you to understand your financial landscape, helping you allocate resources for the RevElate implementation. Our transparent approach to budgeting is designed to ensure that every dollar spent is an investment toward a more efficient and patient-centric future. 


Critical Components and Road-Mapping 

Our attention to detail is meticulous. We assess the critical components of your revenue cycle management, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Our strategic roadmap is a blueprint for success tailored to your organizational goals and the unique challenges you face in the healthcare landscape. 


Dedicated Client Success Members 

At the heart of our approach are our Client Success Members, dedicated professionals who are as invested in understanding where your organization is heading as they are in where it stands today. They are the human element in technology, the personal touch in a digital world, ensuring that the next steps with RevElate are as clear as they are attainable. 


Your Journey with RevElate 

MedSys is prepared to meet you at any stage of your journey with RevElate. From the initial transition away from Cerner Patient Accounting to the full implementation and optimization of RevElate, we are with you every step of the way. Our expertise is in the systems we implement and the enduring partnerships we build. 



Begin your journey with RevElate, backed by the confidence from partnering with MedSys Group. Reach out to our experts today and let us show you how your healthcare organization cannot just meet, but exceed its patient financial service goals.


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