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MedSys Group has been  contributing to improving the quality and delivery of Government Healthcare IT services for many years. With initiatives from the Federal Government, there is high demand for qualified personnel to support the conversions of their legacy systems to the Cerner Millennium platforms. 

Having worked with the Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense since the beginning, MedSys Group is positioned to provide extensive screening, onboarding, and training to ensure we provide the most capable individuals.

The VA kicked off on-site work in early 2020, which would eventually pave the way to multiple conversions in the following years. MedSys Group was able to participate in these deployments by bringing qualified individuals to assist with the conversions of up to 171 sites across the United States. 

MedSys Group has had the honor to be involved with the VA and strategically support its efforts. When fully implemented, the EHR will benefit over 9 million Veterans and their qualified family members, increasing their access to care and improving health outcomes.

Partnering with the DOD has allowed MedSys Group to assist with its DHMSM program since 2017. DHMSM is a $4.3 billion DOD program, providing the modernization of Electronic Health Record (EHR) capabilities for the Department of Defense and interoperability with the VA. 

With military treatment facilities (MTF) all over the United States that focus on the health and well-being of members of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard, there is a high demand for conversion support. 

MedSys Group continues to serve this program by providing talented consultants dedicated to changing the lives of military personnel and their families. MedSys Group has a dedicated team of professionals solely responsible for the VA and DOD programs. 

Their success is defined by the positive impact and the level of support provided to all individuals involved in these programs. Our Government Team fulfills and works with a wide variety of roles, including engagement owners, integrations architects, trainers, clinical informaticists, training coordinators, etc. 

Having a team dedicated to VA and DOD efforts ensures that our on-site team has a direct line of communication and is supported throughout the implementation process. Working hand-in-hand with the consultants to ensure positive outcomes is a top priority at MedSys Group.

“The best part of helping consultants through this process is knowing we can get them to the end goal which is ultimately helping improve the lives of Veterans and Service Members.” Cody Jacobs, Government Program Coordinator

MedSys Group values the relationships with our clients and consultants. Our clients can feel confident that top-tier MedSys Group consultants are expertly trained. We ensure they are ready to handle the unexpected and can transform any challenge into a successful outcome.

Our culture revolves around a fundamental tenet: Client Success Driven. As a client of MedSys Group — your success comes first. Behind every action we take on your behalf is the understanding that your satisfaction and success is our primary goal.


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