MedSys Group Engages Leidos Partnership for Defense Health


Teams of certified healthcare IT trainers and technology experts from MedSys Group are preparing for OCONUS deployment within the coming months to support the DHMSM project.

MedSys Group has been actively working with the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health since 2017, during this time MedSys has recruited a wide range of professionals from across the United States to train, certify, and support the comprehensive DHMSM project.

Since MedSys Group received the approval to support DHMSM overseas project, they began diligently preparing certified teams of trainers, clinical informaticist, and other healthcare experts for the OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) work. MedSys Group is prepared and ready to begin deployment to facilities in Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Germany in the coming months.

As  MedSys Group’s team  travels to different overseas locations, they will be consistently connected with a network of other MedSys Group members dedicated to the DHMSM project supporting from the U.S.

While approximately 75 percent of the project is being done in the U.S., important work is also taking place internationally. The DOD currently has about 19 overseas sites preparing to go-live with the MHS Genesis  in the coming months and years.

The DHMSM project will align medical systems globally so that healthcare interoperability is accessible and more easily managed. Extensive ongoing training on MHS Genesis will help facilitate a smoother workflow and more accessibility for military personnel at every location. 

Organized communication, flexibility, and adaptability are ongoing criteria for MedSys Group teams to meet the required levels of training for the DHMSM project. MedSys Group teams along with other healthcare technology participants in the DHMSM project will be closely evaluated, working together as a far-reaching collaborative team.

The DHMSM project will modernize the military’s healthcare systems by enabling clinicians and patients to electronically capture/share health data across multiple platforms, thereby improving healthcare quality for approximately 9.6 million military personnel (active and retired) and their families.

MedSys Group is a nationally recognized healthcare professional services firm dedicated to clinical and technical advisory consulting and software implementation. We know that healthcare technology is all about people, patients and quality of care and are committed to a level of service that satisfies all.


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