Legacy System Support

Moving Forward

When a hospital system decides to upgrade or implement a new EHR, the question is: How to best move forward with the new EHR while concurrently and efficiently supporting the legacy system?

MedSys Group can relieve the burden, and fully support your legacy system EHR. We ensure that your internal staff is trained and focused on your organization’s future of innovation.

OVER 25 Years of EHR support

MedSys Group has over 25 years of employing the very best consultants that have extensive experience supporting EHR’s and related applications during any IT transition period.

Healthcare Provider organizations spend countless hours on EHR system implementation. During an EHR upgrade or general transition, the applications that will be sunset with the introduction of the new EHR – the “legacy” system – still need to be maintained and supported.

MedSys Group’s Legacy Application Support team is here to help. Whether located onsite or remotely, our team starts with a discovery phase documenting your organization’s processes, procedures, and actions. Our team members will then methodically assume responsibility for system maintenance activities with your organization’s subject matter experts in an advisory capacity. Following the new EHR go-live, we work with clients to phase out our support and ensure a smooth operational ramp down of legacy services.