Department of Defense

Honored to Serve

MedSys Group leverages its many years of experience to ensure the best possible care and outcomes are available for current and former military personnel.

A single EHR gives providers access to more complete information regarding a patient’s medical history and helps create a more seamless health care experience for service members transitioning from active duty to Veteran status.

DHMSM is a $4.3 billion DOD program, providing the modernization of Electronic Health Record (EHR) capabilities for the Department of Defense and interoperability with the VA. Through direct partnership and collaboration, we will modernize the military’s healthcare systems by enabling clinicians and patients to electronically capture/share health data across multiple platforms to improve health care quality for 9.6M military personnel (active and retired) and their families.

MHS GENESIS (Cerner Millennium Platform) is intended to transform the way the DOD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provide military and veteran healthcare missions by creating a single health care record for each patient, used by both agencies.

DOD medical staff will use MHS GENESIS to manage delivery of en route care, dentistry, emergency department, health, immunization, laboratory, radiology, operating room, pharmacy, vision, audiology, and inpatient/outpatient services. DOD medical staff will also use MHS GENESIS to perform administrative support, front desk operations, logistics, billing, and business intelligence.

Areas of Support

  • Provide MHS Genesis Certified Trainers to support Super User, End User Training and go live events.
  • Provide Facilitators to Certify future MHS Genesis Trainers
  • Clinical Informatics – Working with future facilities to plan, scale, and prepare for the conversion to MHS Genesis. Also assisting and help lead the Go Live
  • Training Coordinator and Site Coordinators to direct, guide, and schedule training and go live efforts. The main POC for onsite events.
  • Training Leads – MHS Genesis SME’s and Trainers that help lead the Trainers in the classroom and through go live. Also assist with the schedule and coordination of staff needed onsite.


  • DHMSM – DoD Healthcare Management System Modernization
  • 3B Program
  • May 2018 – May 2028
  • Cerner Millennium replacing AHLTA, CHCS (legacy Systems)
  • VA is implementing one of the most advanced EHRs in the country