MedSys Group strives deliver the best, because we know our reputation rides on the skill and integrity of the people carrying our name. We are obsessed with asking ourselves the important questions all professional services firms should be asking. Are we bringing our clients what they want? Are we delivering real value? Do we understand the issues and can we walk a mile in our client's shoes? The answers to those questions, while obvious in our minds, may not be obvious to the industry as a whole. That's where KLAS comes in. KLAS cuts through the guesswork and gets directly to the results of how an organization is seen by the very organizations receiving services. Results, unbiased and accurate, are two things that we stand for together. It's a winning formula.

Founded in 1996, KLAS was created with the goal of being a source of honest, unbiased information about the software, equipment and professional services that keep healthcare moving forward. Today, KLAS independently monitors healthcare vendor performance via feedback provided by literally thousands of healthcare organizations. KLAS uses a stringent methodology to ensure all data and ratings are accurate, honest and impartial. Because of unwavering commitment to its founding principles, the "Best in KLAS" rankings have become the industry gold standard for excellence in healthcare information technology.

Many healthcare advisory and consulting firms say they provide superior service and excellent value to their clients. At MedSys Group, we can make this claim because independent industry research validates it.