MedSys Group has been in the healthcare information technology (HIT) business since 1995, providing an integrated offering of recruiting services, contract-to-hire and contracted experts. In 2012, we added a full suite of advisory services in an effort to meet the growing market demand for services that help organizations formulate and execute plans to achieve strategic goals. While this makes our advisory and implementation services a newer offering for our firm, these employees were specifically chosen because of their extensive industry experience, client-centered focus and fit with MedSys' unique culture. This approach has served us well, resulting in a top KLAS ranking for IT Advisory Services and Implementation Staffing.

The size of our firm makes us agile, enabling us to tailor our service offerings to meet our clients’ needs. However, we are committed to only accepting engagements that are firmly within our area of expertise, align with our culture and beliefs and ultimately serve the best interests of our prospective clients.

Our Cerner consulting staff has deep knowledge of Cerner’s implementation methodology and can more effectively prepare clients for implementation by helping design the project framework and governance structures that align with Cerner’s methodology – all before Cerner’s project team fully engages. Completing this foundational work early helps set the stage for a successful implementation by providing the organizational structure necessary to support a complex, extended project.

The Cerner knowledge and experience we have accumulated also allows us to provide remediation of issues and program quality assurance for existing Cerner environments. Our consultants are skilled in pinpointing the direct cause of issues – be they software, configuration or process – and facilitating solutions to ensure the EHR functions as intended, leading to greater adoption and realization of long-term benefits.

At MedSys Group, we use the acronym L.E.A.N. to remind us that our reputation is dependent on our clients’ ability to lean on us to help them be successful.

A new L.E.A.N… Our reputation is built on our client’s ability to lean on us to help them be successful.

  • Listen - In order to understand each client's unique needs, desired outcomes and culture, it is critical for our team to actively listen.
  • Educate - One of our goals is to teach our client counterparts so that they have clear direction and are self-supporting when the handoff occurs at the end of the engagement.
  • Augment - Just as we partner with each client, our consultants network within our internal team of project professionals and with Cerner to evaluate and fill any potential project gaps.
  • Navigate - Our team understands Cerner implementations because we've successfully undertaken many of them. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls and unforeseen difficulties that befall many organizations that decide to take on this endeavor alone.