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One of my favorite sayings is, “A man’s true integrity is measured by how he acts at times when nobody is watching.” This is a great slogan to always keep in mind when running a company.

In today’s business world, a lot of attention is dedicated to profits, margins, and the bottom line. While these things are important, the trend seems to be that people are getting caught up in building a bigger company, and not necessarily a better one.

One of my biggest goals in running the day-to-day business operations within our business is that our employees know and trust that the company they are working for will always do the right thing — in every situation. Life is in session and humans work for companies, not robots. Because of this, it’s safe to say that we know accounting errors are going to happen, but can trust that when discovered, they are going to be corrected in favor of the employee. Commission issues are going to come up, but trust that through an open discussion, a result will be reached in the best interest of the employee who is working hard to earn those commissions. Incorrect travel plans will even be made! But trust and know that the company is going to resolve the issue as fast as possible, and in the favor of the employee that is working hard and spending time on the road.

A huge factor in creating the culture of your company is gaining the trust of each and every employee, and making sure they know, without a doubt, that when they come to work and make efforts on behalf of the company, their best interest is always going to be a priority.

There have been times, and I’m sure there will be more, where our company has made a decision in favor of an employee, even though the financial costs may have been greater by going in the opposite direction. We know that the last thing employee’s want to hear from management is “sorry, but that is policy and there is nothing we can do.” In the spirit of running a great company, there is always something we can do to make it better… no matter how big or small.

Taking care of the people who make your company great must always be a priority. It may even occasionally garner a frown from the accounting department, but the dividends that will come back from that employee’s commitment and performance to the company will far outweigh dollars and cents.

Make sure that your employees, who trust you with their livelihoods, know and trust that the company is always going to do the Right Thing.

Alan Kravitz is founder and CEO of MedSys Group Consulting, a national Healthcare Information Technology firm.

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